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Heroes, Gods & Mortals Spoken Word Concert

The Talisker Players production of spoken word, music & opera blended into a wonderful night of story telling. Snippets of poetry & lines of plays from greats such as Keats, Durell, Hesiod's Theogony, DH Lawrence and Rainer Maria Rilke read by Ross Manson set the stage for musicians and the operatic singers to take us on a journey into the ancient world. The voices of soprano Carla Huhtanen and mezzo soprano Andrea Ludwig drew you into the lives of Hercules, Aphrodite, Sappho, The Muses, Orpheus and many more. My favourite I think from the songs was One Touch of Venus which were jazzy and cheeky. A fun night that lovers of music set to words and songs will love. Can't wait until next season's lineup with Spirit Dreaming (creations myths from around the world) - October 27/28 2015 and Cross'd by the Stars (Tales of true love, doomed by the fates) May 3/4 2016. If you missed this one well you're the poorer for it.
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