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The Yoga Show

​​​ lady__croft and I decided to go to the Yoga show after work this evening instead of the weekend for a couple of reasons. We have the opera on Saturday night and we were initially planning to go to the show before that but then we looked at the vendor floor layout on the website. It didn’t look that large and we figured it wouldn’t take that long to go through. Sure enough we were done by 8pm – a whole 2.5 hours max. I took longer to decide what yoga mat cover I wanted to buy in all honesty. Ended up with a cool new ‘British’ inspired print. Also got some yoga jellies which you can use to support your knees or your wrists etc. Plus picked up some new protein bars; other super nutritious foods and household products that do not contain harmful chemicals. All in all a great time. Pretty good as our entrance to the show was free. Go if you can…it’s fun and the vendors are super awesome and nice compared to the Green Living show.
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