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Firemen in the stairwell...

Shortly before midnight the fire alarm in our condo building sounded. Instead of the normal ringing the auto voice booms over the loud speaker first indicating an alarm has been activated and to stand by. I thought it odd but ignored the ensuing loud ringing as it usually is a false alarm. Within 5 minutes the female voice comes back on informing us that we had to "evacuate this level" which I've never heard of before.

A mad scramble in minutes to find clothes to put on and grab a purse before trudging down the stairs along with the other bleary eyed neighbors of the 3rd and 4th floors. I joke at least the Walking Dead is over which garners some laughs from those who are awake. As we come out into the lobby, I hear the fire chief say "are they all coming down?" and I reply the alarm says to evacuate this level so here we are. I think he swore under his breath or at least mutters something incoherent and disappears the way we came.

In the over packed lobby I lose sight of lady__croft who had been in front of me. Eventually I find her along the wall by the concierge desk. There is a woman with a cat sitting in the chair and we speak of the stress placed on pets when this happens. Suddenly two barking snarling dogs break the murmur of voices. They quiet down as the owners separate them. A throng of cat owners congregates on the other side of the concierge desk and I long to go over and pet the cats.

The glass lobby doors open as more fireman enter and the bitter cold sweeps through freezing all of us with it's arctic chill. The firemen too disappear into the stairwell.

Finally after 15-20 minutes the fire chiefs comes over the loudspeaker to tell us "the fire alarm was activated in the stairwell but they could find no source for the alarm and we were all free to return to our suites". lady__croft and a few others mused the cause was probably someone smoking in the stairwell to avoid going outside as tonight is the coldest in February so far at -39C. I pet the cats before heading back to my apt.

Now for sleep! G'night people sleep well on this frigid early morning. I'm glad that tomorrow today is the Family Day holiday and I don't have to go into the office!

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