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Jupiter Ascending

Saw Jupiter Ascending this afternoon. Not sure what I was expecting only because one of the guys at work saw it already and kept telling me his opinion of it. - Sean Bean and Channing Tatum's characters were cool, Mila Kunis (Jupiter Jones) can't act, Eddie Redmayne's character Balem whispered too much, you get tired of the constant use of gravity boots etc. Although these weren't spoilers as all of it could gleaned from the trailers alone. There wasn't much left to surprise me.

At the end of it I wanted this move to be more than what it was. There was so much brilliant potential in terms of characters and places and events to make it a truly great sci fi story....BUT much of it was missing in the movie.

[Spoiler (click to open)]I wanted the back stories for Channing's and Sean's characters Caine and Stinger as well as the cosmos worlds created in how they came to exist esp the House of Abraxis (which reminded me of power struggles between families in Ancient Rome). I wanted Jupiter to kick a** and tell the Abraxas siblings that she was the right heir and here to stay but instead she just wanted to go home to earth. Her lack of ambition was an issue instead of having a character arch that show her go from complaining of hating her life to making major changes when she found out she was heir to earth she just stayed the same and went home. I didn't buy the 'love' story between Jupiter and Caine. It felt forced and they came across more as friends. You need time to build that if she's not attracted to him right away and the on screen chemistry between Kunis and Tatum just wasn't there.

I did love the gravity boots... who doesn't want to air surf? I didn't have a problem with the way Eddie Redmayne spoke...thought it gave Balem a different edge to his character. I wasn't too impressed with the fact that Caine who is a wolf/human spliced hybrid had wings at the end - it was a wtf moment. Douglas Booth as Titus Abrasax was bonus eye candy...just sayin'!

I'm not sure if the Wachowskis' were planning on doing more than one film and unfold it over say a trilogy but the story needs to be solid so they'd have needed to fix the major character and plot issues for that to happen.

I did enjoy the movie for what it was but because the potential to be an innovative sci fi movie was there but it didn't follow through I felt disappointed in that respect. Still a fun action flick with cool characters and epic worlds. Go see if for Sean Bean alone because he rocks all kinds of ways!!!
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