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The last of the JCSS performances

JCSS month is coming to a close with one more show which happened to be the matinee performance at Hart House Theatre yesterday. The pre-show talk a bit of a rehashing of the info from the Q&A at first show I saw but with more insights from the director. Luke Brown spoke about directorial decisions he faced in terms of what to do with the actors and stage visuals for some of the instrumental sections of certain songs. The intro to Heaven on the Minds is five minutes long and the John Nineteen Forty One song itself is three minutes. Also discussed - how to bring it into modern times and why he chose the 'occupy movement" theme. The director also touched briefly again on the rights but I wish he'd have gone into more detail.

I have to say it was even better than when we saw it the first time two weeks ago. Everyone was comfortable with their parts and that singing was even better if that's even possible! I wouldn't be surprised if this show ended up on an international tour it's that good. Left the theatre on a high wishing we'd gotten tickets to the evening performance but it was sold out. In fact this has been Hart House's most successful show to date with record breaking attendances.

If you missed this show then I'm so so sorry...(I want it to come back)

Tags: musicals, theatre
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