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The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

This afternoon it was time to visit middle earth for the last time on the big screen by seeing Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. I have to say the best part occurred within the first 30 mins - dragons are awesome! Still this part could have been added to the last movie which in it's own right could have been shortened by about an hour. This was far the best one of the three movies. I liked the first but found too many similarities with the Ring movies as in visual scenes seemed exactly alike only substitute the different characters. The second was way too long and drawn out especially in the dragon's lair. This last one has a bit more to it. I didn't like Thranduil in the other movies but here I was enthralled by him (Lee Pace makes a very pretty elf lol). I did shed a tear or two for the loss of the Kii (Aidan Turner) and kept hoping that he'd come back some know love conquers all but I'm a romantic and had no such luck. RIP Kili. Thorin going mad lasted a bit too long for me but in the end he came out of it. Overall I enjoyed this one the most out of the trilogy. Bonus: there were some really fantastic drawings during the closing credits.

Go see it because it's middle earth and it's never disappointing.
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