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Jesus Christ Superstar - Hart House Theatre

So in great anticipation lady__croft and I headed to Hart House to see Jesus Christ Superstar this evening for the second performance inthe run. And they did not disappoint. The whole production was fantastic. Sure there were things I would have changed but both LC and I have very specific ideas about a modern production of JCSS should look like lol. There was also a small technical glitch with the microphone during one of the early songs for Jesus but they fixed it in a relatively short period of time. Regardless this year's group of debut singers (and actors) is outstanding. In fact all of HH productions for 2014/2015 season have been of a very high caliber. Loved the Q&A afterwards - highly entertaining and informative...

David Michael Moote, Jesus: Brilliant singing and voice. His rock yell (see Gethsemane song) needs work but that might come with experience and more performances. Good acting and a wonderful sense of who the character was. Plus bonus points goes to his incredible hair (not a crappy wig) which was all his own and everyone who knows me knows I have a weakness for the long blonde hair on a man regardless. I give it an A+ for the prettiness of it all.

Claire Hunter, Mary: Lovely sweet voice but she had no idea who Mary was but it did not deter from her performance but she would have been great if she'd taken some time to do a little research on Mary of Magdalene.

Aaron Williams, Judas: During the Q&A we found out that this was X's first ever performance in front of an audience. He was amazing as Judas for that alone. His Superstar = fantastic and as LC remarked the reason they cast him.

Harold Lumilan, Simon: Fantastic rendition of Simon Zealotes and the audience cheered after he was done. I don't think he realized how good he was as his Q&A answers were very humble.

Matthew Fuller, Caiaphas: Good the baritone was not in as low a range as I'm used to in most productions but it worked

Jeremy Hutton, Pilate: Sometimes he tries too hard but in this case his Pilate made sense and I had no idea Jeremy could sing. I've seen many of his productions both those he's directed and those he's acted in. Two thumbs up!

Saphire Demitro, King Herod: This has to be the best performance I've ever scene. It was campy but not over the top and it suited a woman more than a man. I laughed so hard. Just freakin' brilliant!

During the Q&A I wanted to ask the Director if he and Jeremy Hutton talked since Jeremy did a production of JCSS previously but didn't get a chance.

We're going back again since the tickets are so cheap.GO SEE IT TRUST ME!!!
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