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live Doctor Who?

Today we had a half day at work as the office closed at noon. Rather than find a baby sitter, one of the other women brought in her 8 year old daughter in. She loved my doctor who plushies on my desk (Tardis, Dalek & 11) and proceeded to tell me a story with them. It was like listening to a radio play - lovely. She didn't know anything about Doctor Who. I gave a her a short rundown on it - alien, companions, the daleks etc. The story she began to tell was highly entertaining and she even got in some parts of Doctor I didn't tell her about ie the Master, the doctor's wife and a little girl in a museum (aka little Amelia Pond). She was partial to the Dalek and decided that instead of there being a gooey creature of hate inside it would be the Doctor' son (not daughter). It was highly amusing and the Master was in love with River Song by the end of it. Even the Weeping Angels had a part along with the Pandorica of which the Tardis substituted for). There was a old abandoned house with a time portal from NJ to NYC which was hilarious. I loved it all.

As I'm listening, filling in backstory once in a while, I worked merrily away on RCA compliance documents....when it was over we went to water the office plants (I'm the only one who has a green thumb) and it was time to leave.

And that folks was one of the most enjoyable work days in a long long while.
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