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The Heart of Robin Hood - Mirvish Productions

Mirvish has a lovely 2 for 1 deal on selected seats for the musical The Heart of Robin Hood. After searching a number of restricted performance dates, lady__croft and I finally found some amazing tickets in the first row lower balcony for last Saturday Dec 27, 2014. Never having sat in those seats before (I have a close to the stage preference) I have to say for the 'cheaper' seats they were pretty damn good. The show followed suit too.

A mixture of drama, acrobatics and live band music told the story of everyone's beloved arrow wielding outlaw and the maid Marion.The love story itself was a bit of a re-imagining and I felt a part of a Disney meets Cirque production. There were also times it reminded me of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night in the whole I"m a girl who disguises myself as a boy and falls in love with the guy I'm friends with in guise (few of Shakespeare's plays are like that lol).

The set was incredible and minimalistic at the same time. A shadowy lush green forest complete with a center 'hill' on which the actors slid, tumbled, jumped and danced. The center of the hill opened up or maybe dropped down is a better choice of words, converting to three draw bridges representing the castle and retreated back to represent the forest again. Ropes descended and ascended from rafters so the acrobatics could ensue. The live band featuring banjo, cello, musical saw and assorted other eclectic instruments wove in and out of the two side trees then on and off stage as necessary. A oak branch decorated with fairy lights on the ceiling completed the set.

The costumes were typical period piece blended with a touch of contemporary particularly where the men were concerned.

All of the actors were very talented with the ability to mix the elements of comedy, drama and acrobatics allowing the play to flow and unfold seamlessly. They blended as a cast, appearing a cohesive team which lent itself to the 'band of merry men' rather well now that I think of it.I knew I would enjoy it but not nearly as much as I actually did.

The musical runs December 23, 2014 - March 1, 2015 at the Royal Alexandra Theatre.
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