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Last Christmas - Doctor Who

I'm just going to put it out there - I really can't stand Clara (nothing against the lovely Jenna Louise Coleman). All of Series 8 have been about her not the Doctor. It's bleeding ridiculous. Clara constantly thinks she's better than the Doctor, that she's smarter than he is and she doesn't understand him at all but the most important thing is that she doesn't TRUST the how and I supposed to get behind her as a companion. So I don't. Period. I was hoping against all hope that this would be Clara's last episode and we could get a new companion for the wonderful Peter Capaldi but alas Last Christmas episode proved no such luck :(

At least with Capaldi's 12th Doctor we get to hear his zinger one liners (God I wish the Dowager Countess & the Doctor could meet OMG the people wouldn't survive!)

I did really like the Christmas special though. There was one moment when Clara redeemed herself but the moment was all too brief: When she said to the Doctor that she always believed in Santa but he just looks different to her (indicating she meant the Doctor) which was so very a touching moment. If only there were more of this. Clara works well with the older Doctors - just look at her with 8.5 John Hurt's Doctor - so why isn't there more of that in the most current series I ask?

This episode had lots of fun moments and I particularly enjoyed how Santa kept popping into the hallucinations to let them know it wasn't the 'real' world. New DW alien creatures were pretty creepy and cool but it makes me wonder if these aren't another one time appearance aliens which seem to populate the new series. Back in the 10th and 11th Doctors time we got aliens that had a story arc and appeared frequently ie. The Weeping Angels and The Silence. We'll probably get more of the female Master "Missy" but I'm kind of over the Master at this the song says "let it go" Moffat "let it go". Can we bring back Captain Jack please?

Guess we'll see what Series 9 brings us with the The Magician's Apprentice.
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