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Michelangelo: Quest for Genius

​​Today LC and I went to see Michelangelo: Quest for Genius drawings at the AGO. The exhibit portrays the creative process of the Renaissance master himself and reveals just how frustrated it could be at the time. It seems he wasn't free to peruse the art he wanted as he was always at the beck, call and whim of his patrons. Yet he still managed to turn out the most amazing and interesting drawings. It's amazing even how the paper he drew on lasted 500+ years. You can see his recycled work too! Some of them I just wanted to stare at for ages they were so fantastic. I kept thinking there are very few people with who I could see this exhibit with as they just wouldn't understand how incredibly beautiful it all was. One of Michelangelo's most memorable works (and my fav) was a two sided drawing of Cleopatra - one side a portrait bust drawing of her and the other depicting her death. The more I looked at it he more I wanted to cry such is the power of art to move one's emotions. Just like his architectural drawings in which the more you stared the more you found something new within it. The exhibit also brought some of Rodin's works because he was mainly influenced by Michelangelo and it was a nice mix to add. I can only barely imagine what the Gates of Hell would have looked like had Rodin been able to finish it. These artists were never really free to just create always subject to the approval or scorn of their societies, patrons and ultimately that pressure made them unhappy when they were supposed to be bathing in the ecstasy of their abilities. Sad to think how so many of our most creative minds felt this way including poets, writers, musicians as well.

The exhibit runs at the AGO until Jan. 11, 2015. Go see if you can. You won't regret it
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