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Toronto Christmas Market

Headed down to The Shop.CA Toronto Christmas Market in The Distillery Historic District presented by American Express (in truth I don’t know why there has to be so much advertising & sponsorship) which is about a three blocks from my home. We’ve been going annually since it started back in 2010 - it was called Lowe’s Toronto Christmas Market then. Honestly it took us about a quick hour to navigate through the crowds last Sunday since the booth vendors haven’t changed in the last 2-3 years – I’m not kidding. I miss the original vendors where the artisans were more artsy and had lovely unique wares for purchase now the booths are mostly food & alcohol related plus a few that offer the same trinkets each year. I miss the meatball guys they were awesome and reasonably priced but now it’s over priced gourmet grilled cheese, hotdogs & hamburgers. I really do miss the meatball guys – I know I said that already. I wish they would change it up each year for both food and vendors so it’s always fresh and new. It used to feel like the European open air markets like those in Vienna but now not so much still I enjoy going anyway just to wander around and look which is half the fun lol.
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