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Theatre of Magic

Strains of music reverberate throughout Trinity-St. Paul’s church. Violins, cellos and woodwinds vie for attention as the Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra warms up. We take our seats in the balcony overlooking the stage. Tonight we are treated to music for the English theatre featuring selections from Henry Purcell’s The Fairy Queen, Mathew Locke’s The Tempest and Handel’s Opera Rinaldo amoung others. Pavlo Beznosiuk, violin soloist and guest director for Theatre of Magic takes the stage. As the music starts, the crowd falls silent. Notes swirl through the air landing on my skin vibrating deep into my bones. Instantly I’m transported to the Restoration period of the 17th Century. A storm begins to brews, while fairies dance then are lulled into a magical sleep, and a sorceress disguises herself to beguile a knight only to be rebuked when the ruse is found out. Her pain and anger are easily conveyed by rising opera soprano Joélle Harvey. And then it is over. The music stops and the audience are left wondering how two hours disappeared so quickly. Only the Fairy Queen Tatiana or maybe sorceress Armida, Queen of Damascus truly knows. Their lips are sealed - at least for tonight anyway.
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