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Halloween fun

Happy Halloween everyone!

Last minute decision had lady__croft and I heading over to see National Theatre Live’s (love them) broadcast of the play Frankenstein, based on Mary Shelly’s novel tonight. The actors in the roles of Dr. Frankenstein and the Monster are flip flopped with each performance. We went to the version where Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC Sherlock) plays the Monster and Jonny Lee Miller (Elementary) as Dr. Frankenstein. Both actors were good but Cumberbatch who I’ve only seen as Khan in the Star Trek reboot film Into Darkness played the role of the monster down to his toes – literally. His toes (the monster is barefoot during the entire play) were conveying what was happening both physically and emotionally the whole time. It was incredible and strange at the same time to watch. I was a bit surprised by the depth of Cumberbatch’s abilities. I’ve seen him as Khan and one episode of Sherlock but those roles did not or could not convey his range as the characters are static in that they have very specific personalities. In addition, stage requires much more from an actor than tv/film due to the medium itself so you can’t judge one as better over the other – just different. I’m glad I got to see it.

When it was over I wanted to see the reverse version but sadly there just wasn’t time and these were the last performances of the limited run. Hopefully they’ll see fit to release as DVD of it with both versions on it. Fingers crossed (I’m still waiting for Coriolanus with Tom Hiddleston).
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