Niviene (niviene) wrote,

It’s my bday

It’s no secret I love celebrating my birthday. So happy birthday to me!!!

Plans for today kept changing. First I was going to take a writing workshop but discovered that I’d taken that workshop previously. Second Lesley Livingston’s launch for the second middle grade reader book “The Haunting of Heck House” in the Wiggins Weird Series is this afternoon.. I haven’t read the first in the series yet called “How to Curse in Heiroglyphs” which I picked up at Fan Expo. Third is going to see Dracula Untold again at the neighborhood theatre. I did mention I love this movie right?

I’ve decided to just go see Dracula Untold again and relax the rest of the day getting caught up on stuff on the DVR and there’s a lot of stuff I haven’t been able to watch.

Hope your day is fantastic too!

Edit: Thanks to those who called, emailed, tweeted, dropped by etc You all rock!

Tags: birthday
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