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The After Dark Film Festival vs. The Walking Dead vs. Dracula

Oct 19, 2014 – The After Dark Film Festival vs. The Walking Dead

What a fabulous day for the most part…..some slight glitches but sometimes things just are what they are. First watch Dracula Untold and omg was the film brilliant. Love the history of Vlad the Impaler, the romance, the heroism all combined. And let’s not forget the religious symbolism but we’ll leave that for another discussion due to space and time restrictions. The only major disappointment was the use of the medieval swords. Vlad II Dracul use the curved blade called the KILLIJ that he took from the Ottoman Turks. In addition, Luke Evans did an amazing job of portraying a Romanian prince's whose combat skills, knowledge of geography, mathematics, science, languages (Slavic, German, Latin), plus the classical arts and philosophy rivaled many in his time. And in this particular move Evan's prince was one who wanted peace, who was tired of being held hostage (in various ways) by the Turks and one who had to resort to selling his soul to a demon to protect his family, his people and his country and become a hero in the process. Again I loved it and want to see this film again.

Hit Milestones for their amazing prime rib dinner and apple crumble dessert w/tea before attending The After Dark Film Festival (TADFF).

TADFF runs Oct 16-24, 2014 at the Scotiabank Theatre. We went to see Wolves but there were a few others we wanted to see but unfortunately the timing of those films didn’t jive with my Tues/Thursday classes and other events going on. If you’ve never been to TADFF you can look forward to a TIFF type experience with Q&As after the film with filmmakers, actors etc. There’s also the Pub After Dark,” the festival’s nightly after-screening social event where fans get to mingle with the filmmakers.” I skipped it as there was a little thing called THE WALKING DEAD tv show I wanted to get home too BUT on that note…..

I was miffed that the movie slated for 7:00pm started late very late so much so that it didn’t end until 9:30pm (the movie being less than 80mins ish long) instead of 8:30pm and thus I had to miss The Walking Dead which would have capped it as a perfect day. It didn’t help that with the late start one of the festival’s promoters instead of starting the film immediately instead decided to talk at length about upcoming films on the festival circuit. This could have waited until the end imho. The only enjoyable thing about the wait was meeting a girl in line who asked who the guy in the promo pic was….she didn’t recognize Jason Momoa. My first reaction is to say Romon Dex on Stargate Atlantis? She shakes her head and so I asked if she watches Game of Thrones and I she says well duh. My response was ok Khal Drogo? The look on her face was priceless and she asks for his character’s name on SG-A again and proceeds to look up photos with her jaw still on the floor as she’s scrolling through and saving photos to her iphone and saying “well this movie just got better”. I’m lolling the whole time. Priceless and just too hilarious. It was then the line started to move but long after 7pm had come and gone. Most of the attendees were pretty annoyed at the wait time. We weren't even given a reasonalbe explanation as to why. So going into the movie I was upset that my perfect day was going to be slightly marred by tthe fact that no way was this movie getting out on time and therefore I would be missing The Walking Dead.

And so….Wolves in itself = enjoyable film overall with overtones of horror films reminiscent of the 1980s such as Lost Boys and After Dark etc BUT in fairness there was a major plot hole.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

If the character of Connor just wanted an heir and really loved Cayden’s mom (as he says specifically in the film right before his death) then why didn’t he accept Cayden. Instead he tries to kill Cayden and have a child with Angelina? The flimsy excuse that he was perpetuating the myth of his ‘bad’ self just doesn’t wash with me. I’m sorry but if he really did love Cayden’s mum, wouldn’t he have gone out of his way to prove he wasn’t what everyone said about him?

Plot hole aside the acting was pretty decent as far a werewolf genre films goes. Jason Momoa was beyond brilliant as Connor and extremely intimidating on screen (much more than Khal Drogo imho), Canadian Stephen McHattie steals scenes as John Tollerman, while John Pyper-Ferguson is creepy as Wild Joe. Lucas Till of X-Men fame is good as teenage werewolf Cayden Richards. Besides the one plot hole the only other thing I didn’t like was the werewolf makeup. Everyone at the screening was all omg it’s real fur prosthetic makeup rather than CGI and to me I just wanted to laugh it. It looked too comical imho. I’d have much preferred them to use minimalistic makeup and just keep the fangs and contacts and leave the rest to the imagination. I don’t need the gimmick type fur makeup. I was much more intimidated by them when they had only the fangs and contacts on rather than full prosthesis which I just couldn’t take seriously – real fur or no real fur. Guess that’s just me.

However, I am looking forward to this when it comes out in the theatres in November and to buying the BluRay when it comes out. I can’t say enough how much Jason Momoa = awesome in it. And depending on the film, date, and start time will determine if I go back to TADFF because I do not do well with lateness beyond the acceptable 5-10 minutes.

I guess nothing is perfect.....I'm still on a quest for  it though lol.

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