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Combat training?

I feel as if I've done several rounds of combat training. I'd like to see the other guy.....

I pulled something in my upper back and can barely turn to my left. It's painful to move at all. Same with m right hip which is tender to the touch as well and feels as if I pulled it. My left arm is sore. lady__croft says I have Daryl Dixon sympathy pain. I don't know about that but I'm worried (not really) those epic thriller, paranormal, sci fi adventure novel type dreams I'm having might be starting to take over my waking life. EEK. I need a massage badly. Will call to see if I can schedule this week.

Ugh I have my new writing class and I have to go back to work tomorrow - double whammy. Wish I could stay home but alas not in the cards.
Tags: illness
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