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Cirque du Soleil - Kurios + Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving long weekend!

So it's Cirque du Soliel time again. Love going every year. It's so much fun and the show just takes you into another world - a world I'd like to play in more often! I really do want to run away and join the circus whenever they're here in TO.

This year it's a steampunk inspired show called KURIOS - Cabinet of Curiosities. There were lots of interesting acts when the doors to the cabinet opened and we got a peek inside as the show started. There were many funny moments too. The music so sublime. My only issue was it seemed a bit short but still filled with amazing acts. One of the most interesting act was the chair balance (best I can describe it) one. The act starts with a bunch of people sitting at a table set with dinnerware. Some plates are removed and one fellow starts stacking chair after chair on top of each other until he was quite a distance high and if you looked up you could see the identical scene upside down from the ceiling with the chairs coming down until they almost reach each other. Amazing. The costumes were just spectacular. I love steampunk and wanted some of the clothing. The contortionists costumes and the 'fisherman' act costumes were made looked aquatic/mermaid-ish and those were beautiful and colourful. Can someone make me those tights?

Wonder what they'll do next year?

I did purchase steampunk sunglasses and some juggling balls at the Cirque store lol.

Great weekend so far and coming up shortly is the premier of the 5th season of The Walking Dead. Can't wait!
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