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Fan Expo + TIFF

Fan Expo: lady__croft and I got our fill of 'fandoms' again this year!

Shopping, meeting old friends I haven't seen in 10 years, pro author panel and meeting author Lesley Livingston, the cast of Innerspace (finally got to meet Teddy), panels for Doctor Who, Matt Smith, Arthur Darvill, Nathan Fillion (his 'fan' business cards = incredible), Stephen Amel, The Walking Dead. I still am reeling from the amazing seats we were able to get to all but two panels and even those although the seats weren't amazing we lucky we got into the panels and that's what counts!!! A great time. Only drawback was some of the crowd comments were negative while standing in line and the whole show was over crowded and apparently over sold as well but these were minor issues. I took a lot of pics with my new camera even though I still haven't learned all the ins and outs of it yet. I did discover a couple of new features during the panels so that's a bonus. Can't wait 'till next year.

TIFF: Didn't get to see all of the 9 or 10 films I wanted. Lots of off-sale films this year. Oh well at least though 'scene card' I was able to get a 40% discount on most of the tix. Didnt' do the celeb sighting this year either as there wasn't anyone coming I wanted to see (most of my favs came last year). My favourite film of all was an Irish animated film "Song of the Sea" based upon the legend of the Selkie where a brother and his sister decode their ancestry to find answers they seek about the drowning of their mother. Most hilarious wild film was the Malaysian "Men Who Save the World" where villagers trying to move a house become convinced it's haunted and try to exercise a ghost but not all is quite as unworldly as it seems. The Director spoke at my viewing. He was charming and so appreciative that we chose to come to it. Most entertaining  film "Teen Lust" which is a silly romp about a teen who discovers his Satan worshiping parents plan on sacrificing him at the next major ritual in order to give rise to the Dark One. He has 24 hours to loose his virginity and save himself and his best friends come along for the ride and to help of course. Some cliche jokes but overall just pure ridiculous indulgence reminiscent of the comedies of the 80s.You can't help but shake your head.
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