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CNE 2014 + new Doctor Who

Made the annual visit to the CNE again this year. Even though many of the venders return year after year I still enjoy walking around and shopping. Didn't buy much jewelry this year, just one blue labradoriet ring and it's really pretty. Did buy a bunch of BluRays insanely cheap.

Still made it home in time for the new season of Doctor Who. On that note just have to say that I like Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. Still do not like Clara - in fact I like her even less. Loved Madame Vastra and Jenny and wish that they'd do a spin off show with them as Victorian detectives. Think it would do really well. I see the people who like Lost Girl loving that show if it ever happened. Plus the Doctor could crossovers any time. (Hey Moffat - think about it - oh wait you're too busy with Sherlock which we don't get here or get so sporatically that it makes it hard to follow. Never mind.)

Tomorrow my hairdresser is coming over to cut my hair. Also throwing in a colour rinse as well just to boost the colour which washes our in 28 shampoos or so.
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