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Vacation or staycation with Fan Expo & TIFF

I'm officially on vacation. Although I'm not going anywhere out of the country that is I will be going to Fan Expo and TIFF. It all starts Thursday with Fan Expo running from Sept 28 - 31, 2014, The Doctor Who separate panel is on Saturday so we'll see what the rest of the expo is like. If I had a cell phone I'd update live but I don't so everyone will have to wait :-P. A few good panels to go to Walking Dead, Nathan Fillion, Stephen Amell, plus Doctor Who amoung the many guests I'll be seeing. Tomorrow is the 'shopping' day as the convention only opens at 2pm plus it's there's not a lot of panels that I want to see so it's the best day to spend $$ lol. The other days will be early ones....can't wait to see how it compares to last year's which was our first convention like this!

Just as the euphoria from Fan Expo wears off the Toronto International Film Festival kicks off running Sept 4-14, 2014. There's a few movies I want to see and hope I can get tickets for. Love the foreign films from around the world in particular plus of course there's Midnight Madness and hanging out and celebrity watching.

Also plan to write a few days in between. I have a few rewrites to do as well as a new chapter due on Sept 22 so it'll be a fun and busy vacation or I guess I should say 'staycation' although I'm not fond of that word but I guess it's part of today's culture.

I'll keep you posted as I can. Be well my friends and enjoy what's left of the summer! See you in September (ok yes I sang that in my head exactly like the song because I could never actually carry that tune out loud lol).

Later kids!

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