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Mini vacation long weekend getaway

I"m so behind in livejournal posts. Last weekend we headed to Ottawa for four days. It was lovely and relaxing. The weather was perfect, sunny skies, average 27 degrees and humid with a light breeze. On the agenda - a visit to the Gustave Dore exhibit "Master of Imagination" at the National Gallery of Canada. Didn't know much about his art until now. He's fascinating and a bit tragic. In his time he wanted to be taken as more of an 'artist' but most of his contemporary saw him as a book 'illustrator'. Avant garde for his time he kept trying to come up with new ideas and styles but these were never met with much success. His work is beautiful. Amoung my favourites were his Les Oceanides/Les Naiades de la Mere oil on canvas as well as the sculpture Fame Stifling Genius. If Dore was around today he'd make an amazing graphic artists/novelist. He would have loved our time for it's art and creativity.

The other item on the agenda at the Canadian Museum of Nature exhibit "Creatures of Light: Nature's Bioluminescence" which was fascinating in it's exploration of the reason behind why many creatures glow in the dark such as the firefly, fish, various types of algae, glowworms,jellyfish and much more. The museum itself was fun and had many interactive displays which were fun for adults and kids alike. I loved the Vale Earth Gallery naturally with it's crystals and rocks. Geology might have been a good career choice for me if I didn't love writing so much lol.

We also saw The Ultimate Wave: Tahiti in 3D with surfers World Champion Kelly Slater (whoa) and Tahitian Raimana Van Bastolaer as they surf Teahupo'o in Tahiti. 3D still gives me a bit of a headache but worth it as me and surfing just seem to go together!

Had the best dessert in a long time at Milestones while in Ottawa - apple crisp with vanilla ice cream, caramel and pecans. Sooooo yummy.

The only downside to the whole trip was I came home on Monday night with a horrible cold complete with sore throat, headache, fever (slight), stuff nose, watery eyes and blocked sinuses. So I've been home for the last two days mostly sleeping and barely eating.
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