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Petting a shark, a stingray and other undersea stories

Today is a mandatory holiday at the office and thus closed (will not get into the fact that legally they can’t do that but do it anyway). Yay for extra-long weekends in celebration of Canada Day.

lady__croft and I head over to Ripely’s Aquarium figuring since it was not a holiday the lines would be substantially less than on the weekend. We stood in line for about 15 mins in the blistering heat and humidity before reaching the ticket desk and the welcomed respite from the sun’s assault. Thank the gods for AC on full blast. Tickets purchased and armed with a point and shoot camera (still haven’t made the DSLR purchase yet) we headed down the corridor to the first gallery of aquatic species.

We spent many happy hours in the following galleries: Canadian Waters, Rainbow Reef, Dangerous Lagoon, Discovery Centre, The Gallery, Ray Bay, Planet Jellies and not so much in the Life Support Systems since it's just the tank pipes etc. I loved every minute of my time there. Pet a shark (they’re soft and a bit scaly compared to the stingrays which are a bit slimy (not in a bad way). Stingrays are happy animals in case you didn’t know. The Dangerous Lagoon is where you’ll find the moving sidewalk that takes you through the glass tunnel where all around you swim, Sand Tiger and Sandbar sharks, Roughtail stingrays, Green sawfish (that saw is incredibly HUGE btw), and some green sea turtles! This is THE place to be! A favourite naturally.

One of my other favourite exhibits is the Pacific Kelp. It’s a giant wave tank than mimics the surge of the BC shoreline. I could sit and watch the kelp sway to an underwater current for hours. Relaxing on a whole other level. So many people were taking flash photographs of the giant octopus that it was getting annoyed. I felt so sad for it. It was a beautiful creature though. Speaking of which in the ‘Gallery’ some of the most beautiful and interesting marine life included the Red Lionfish, Lined Seahorse, Weedy Sea Dragon, sea horses and a live coral exhibits.

My camera ran out of batteries before I got to the jellies. So once I get my new DSLR camera I’ll be back to the aquarium taking as many photos as I can. Just get me a room there to live in and I’d be happy.

Recommend everyone go to Ripley’s Aquarium at least once. I’m planning on buying at some point a yearly pass so I can wander around whenever I want.
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