Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Literary Festival - small press

The Toronto Indie Arts Market held the Small Press Literary Festival at the Gladstone Hotel this afternoon. I headed over there to check out the over 50 vendors which included novels, chapbooks, comic books and much much more. I mostly wanted to picked up Nina Munteanu's Metaverse (last book in a trilogy). Yes I got my copy and it's autographed!!! Unexpectedly I found Luba Lesychyn author of Theft by Chocolate sitting at a small table. I have her book on Kobo but I decided I needed a hard copy and she kindly autographed it as well. Met a comic book writer/artists and he drew a picture of a witch for me (very fitting). I had fun despite the fact that it took me 2 hours to get there by TTC due to construction detours vastly (normally a 30 minute max trip). The only drawback was that I didn't get to see all the vendors because I arrived so late and it was 45 mins to closing. Next time I go I hope to see all of it and I just may take a taxi there.
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