Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Leslieville - new summer hangout

Headed over to Leslieville this afternoon.....never spent time in this part of town before. It used to be so run down and shabby now it's filled with boutique shops and quaint bistros and chic cafes. After window shopping and stopping in Value Village where I purchased a fabulous pair of jeans for a whopping $10 it was time for lunch. Found a place called Hey Meatball. Ordered the organic beef meatballs....I could have had two orders they were so good....their spaghetti sauce can be described as incredible - not as good as my dad's but definitely close....the best in TO by far for a food place! A little further down is Ed's Real Scoop and a 'real' find because their ice cream is to DIE for. Amazingly good. The only choice was banana chocolate and you could taste the real pieces of banana in the chocolate. I want to eat the entire tub....I won't but I want to.

Suffice to say I want at least a monthly trip for meatballs and ice cream LOL.
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