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A Game of Thrones Exhibit

 Last year on March 12, 2013 A Game of Thrones had an exhibit at the Design Exchange. Great displays of costumes, weapons, and other items from the show.

Tonight night lady__croft and I headed over to the TIFF Lightbox for another GOT exhibit.  Tix were free but timed and we were lucky we got any since the show sold out fast and a several people at work didn't get any....This exhibit was much much smaller that the first one we saw.....but had updated costumes, weapons, jewelry and included the Oculus Rift Experience and of course the Iron Throne - and no....I still do not have a picture of me on it. I took a lot of pictures but the camera I used is so old that it takes forever to take the photo and then to cycle through to take the next one (new camera is in the works) than many of the pictures came out blurry.. Meh.

New costumes included Margaery Tyrell's wedding dress as well as Oberyn Maretll's (the Red Viper) yellow coat, You can see how much taller Sophie Turner (Sansa) is just form her dress than Natalie Dormer (Margaery) and Lena Headey (Cersei). There were also costumes for Rory McCann (The Hound Sandor) and Maisie Williams (Arya). Also new costume for Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) which she wears on the show in the city of Mereen. I still think Margaery wears the nicest costumes but I know a quite a number of people who prefer Danys clothing. They had also brought back dragon eggs and included a new head of one of the dragons, and an In Memorium wall with my beloved Renly on it. Love the banner for the Martill's House - sun spear <3.

The coolest part of the exhibit? The virtual reality 4D experience from Oculus Rift called Ascend the Wall. You enter the 'elevator' aka a cage designed to look like the Castle Black winch elevator. Once fitted with the OR gaming visor and headset they start the ascent up the 700 foot wall of ice that protects Westeros to the top . It feels as if you are going up a real elevator and you get to look all around. I looked up to find snow softly falling and then out onto Westeros down below. A wind machine blows cold air on you and you hear the wooshing sound of the wind as you're going up. Once at the top, you then walk quickly along a tunnel to the edge (not for the faint of heart or those who are afraid of heights). They go a bit too fast and it can feel as if you are falling off the edge. You're allowed to hold the sides of the cage you're really in and if I hadn't been my mind would have thought I was falling off the edge but since I could feel my hands on the cage my brain went ok will not actually fall. I looked out onto ice and snow and saw a couple of fire balls roll my way. One hit the side of the wall and I could see that wall that wraps it way around the fictional land from GOT. Then it seemed as if I fell over the edge (or maybe I was pushed <_<) but all I felt was falling and saw white snow. I had to ask if it was over which was pretty funny when you think of it. I thought they'd make you ride the elevator back down but nope....face plant into snow seems the way to go LOL....I'd love to do it again.

Great time....hope it comes back again. Also hope they do several other Oculus Rift experiences from this or another tv series.
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