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The Only Lovers Left Alive aka Hiddles as a vampire

Only Lovers Left Alive.........I LOVE this movie. LOVE! Covets the Blu-ray NOW!!! This is the movie I tried to get tickets for during TIFF in 2013 and you couldn't sell your first born to buy any there were that scarce and coveted. Oh to have been able to ask Hiddles questions about it.

BTW we saw this movie at the Cineplex at Bloor/Bay. Theatre was packed and can I say after the movie the entire place was a compelte mess with popcorn, candy wrappers, drink containers strewn all over the place. When we go to the movies at Rainbow or the Cineplex at Dundas the place is relatively clean and most movie goers throw away their own garbage IN THE GARBAGE bin not on the floor....I guess the crowd at Bay/Bloor is the pigsty crowd? Deplorable.

Starring Tom Hiddleston as Adam a brooding depressed vampire (yes I said vampire and yes aren’t they all depressed these days? Whatever happened to the peppy happy vampire? Anyway Adam just can’t take what society has become anymore and wants to put a wooden bullet in himself to end it all. Oh so maudlin. I do empathize with how Adam feels. Society has become complacent. He calls humans Zombies and I’m right with him on that point. Look around the planet people walking around in a perpetual daze unable to see what really happening to humanity and the planet. Still can we look for a silver lining at least? No? Yes? To me there is such great beauty in the world and I think we as a species can over come our trial and tribulations of this era IF we pull to gether for the 'common good'. I think maybe Adam needs to feel that from humans and in his world the humans there ie detroit or better the crowd he hangs out with just doesn't reflect the hope still left for mankind. If that makes any sense....Tilda Swinson plays Eve who comes to help you lover deal with his melancholy and despair. Both Tom and Tilda are brilliant in the movie...their on screen comfort level lent authenticity to a centuries old marriage between individuals who are passionate about literature, music, science and anything cultural or intellectual (as one would hope an immortal to be). The movie was slow and cerebral and visually perfect and minus the gore despite lots of blood drinking which was purchased for large sums of money from doctors at a lab. Sometimes you don’t need crazy thrill seeking action scenes (but sometimes you do just not in this case). Tons of references....there were too many funny parts to count (and I probably missed a few….eg. the name on Adam’s passport when he flew to Tangiers and some of the music ones). I think audience recognized only a little over half the references. No one laughed at Daisy Buchanan’s name on Eve’s passport or her use of the name Fibonacci to make a reservation. At least they caught the Dr. Faust on Adam's name tag or the time Dr. Watson at the blood lab calls Adam Dr Strangelove amoung some of his names. The Lord Byron comment was hilarious and priceless but somewhat true.....Eve packs a Spanish titled book that was clearly Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervantes. I remember seeing Samuel Beckett's name but do not remember what book it was. I want to go back and watch is so that I can pick out some more. What fun I will have when the Blu-ray comes out and I just keep pausing and rewind going and there better be some extra features and interviews with Hiddles and Swinson. Did I mention that the character of Adam is a dead ringer physically for Syd Barret of Pink Floyd fame? No? Well there it is go see it and decide for yourself. And yes I could sit and discuss this movie for hours....queue hubby here lol. Want to see it again please and so will you hopefully.

EDIT: whoops forgot to mention John Hurt played Christopher Marlow (a vampire too....that alone is funny in itself) and he was brilliant in the role but it's John Hurt and we expect no less....*coughDoctorWhocough*
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