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Green Living Show 2014

Despite having a major migraine I headed out with lady__croft to the Green Living Show held at Direct Energy Centre. We go every year and it’s never boring. Attended two lectures: Journalist Alanna Mitchell’s “Acid Overdose: Stories of the Ocean through the Eyes of a Scientist and the Heart of a Poet and Julie Daniluk’s  “Slimming Meals that Heal”. Bought 2 of Alanna’s books and got her to sign them both. Sea Sick: the Hidden Crisis in the Global Ocean and Dancing at the Dead Sea: Tracking the Worlds Environmental Hotspots The fact that we are destroying our oceans and ourselves as a species along with it hurts my soul. Alanna’s stories kept ups laughing despite the seriousness of the subject. Sometimes all you can do is find the good and humour in a heartbreaking situation. Julie was a dynamic speaker who got the audience interacting in the lecture almost immediately. I’ve never heard her speak before despite hearing good things about her nutritional advice but enjoyed the lecture thoroughly. Lots of valuable information and advice on fighting inflammation, maintaining good nutrition and healthy weight. Will pick up Julie’s new book at some point in the not too distant future.

Entered a couple of contests at the G-Adventures (GAP) travel booth in which I’m fully expecting to win ;-) lol.

Also met up with a long-time friend Jean Eng who runs a booth at the show each year. Her spa Pure + Simple caters to organic natural ingredient skin care products and services. Spent time catching up, making plans and getting a mini facial at the booth in the process. I need more ME time and more spa time for that matter….must book a full facial soon. Pure & Simple has this lovely aquabrasion facial which I adore and do not get nearly enough. It’s an treatment that “exfoliates, hydrates, and oxygenates the skin using a fine jet of saline solution”. What’s not to love?

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