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Easter long weekend

Happy Easter to all who celebrated. I don't in the religious sense but we get Good Friday and Easter Monday off at the office so I'm not complaining!

The long weekend was great this year. Relaxing on the one hand and busy on the other. My dad didn't do the traditional Easter dinner this year. He's decided Christmas is enough work since we're a large family and it's time to pass it on the other holidays.

'Spring cleaned' the condo from top to bottom as well as got rid of a lot of papers (shredded) and magazines, rearranged the library, pulled out books I no longer want to keep etc. The only stuff left is my writing material which will take some time and a few others such as the CD/DVD/RECORD case. Even got my taxes done....or rather sent off to my financial advisor since the documents have been scanned to pdf'd for some time now.

Got my hair cut and blow dried straight. It'll be back to the curls once I wash it again. Also put in a temporary colour rinse which added highlights to my hair. Great time spent with my hairdresser and her daughter both of whom I've know for 15+ years. Hilarious tales about boyfriends and husbands ensued (hd is on her 3rd hubby lol). I wish we could have filmed the entire conversation/afternoon and up it up on youtube. If we had I'd have called it Modern Women or Salon Conversations. Just too funny. As the 11th Doctor said "We are all stories in the end." <3

It was a lovely 4 day long weekend and I dreaded going back to work today....I should have known lol....I will not reiterate the idiot thing my Director said to me today....he doesn't think which is typical!
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