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Running with Tom Hiddleston

The other day I offhandedly said I needed a personal trainer to one of the girls in the office. She agreed that she'd like one too and a discussion ensued about different types of workouts and exercise in general. I said I'd love to start running again which I haven't done in ages. Then I find this little gem hiding on Elle UK magazine's website. Is the universe trying to tell me that Tom Hiddleston would be a good choice for a personal trainer (ok more like yoga instructor and a running buddy)? I'm perfectly ok with that. No argument here lol. But in all seriousness I really would like to start running if only the bitter cold that has hit TO could just melt into spring and warmer temperatures all would be well indeed.

This is the short version (the cemetery run section has been left out)...

The wall scale is particularly impressive....just sayin'

Go HERE for the longer full screen version that includes the cemetery run....

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