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RIP Paul Walker

Woke up this morning to find out that Paul Walker died yesterday in a car accident. It's so tragic and sad that I have no words to convey my feelings. Shock. Numb. Hurt. It all seems so sureal. I cried. How could I not. I've watched too many of his movies for a long time now. He was my original VARP (Virtual Amazing Race Partner) a long time ago.

Why do the good always die young? He was one of the few celebrities that was truly good and humble and wanted to help mankind. He was a true humanitarian.

Someone at the office once saw a photo I had on my computer of Paul and thought he was my husband....weird but true.

RIP Paul Walker 1973 - 2013.

I will miss you terribly and you will never fade for me. Goodbye my love. Catch you in the next lifetime.

This year has been full of tragedy and this just adds to it. I'll be glad when 2013 is finished.
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