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Fall down go boom

On my way to the market on Saturday morning I slipped on some ice in front of a corner store whose owner didn't bother to put down salt. It hurt like hell when it happened  In the process I ripped my new pants across the knee. Several people stopped to see if I was ok. (I have nice neighbours). A lot of others were slipping there too! There's this huge bruise on my knee now and it freaked me out but I continued on to the market. Everyone was surprised I could still walk.

I'd love to sue the store owner but I think it would cost more time and $$ than it's worth. We have laws regarding when to shovel snow and put down salt etc in the city.

Needless to say my plans to go shopping at the EC were derailed. I suppose it was for the best because I actually had decent time to write this weekend.
Tags: accident, writing
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