Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Goodbye Sweetie

Tonight's DOCTOR WHO CHRISTMAS SPECIAL aka Matt Smith’s last episode

I'm not ready to say goodbye to Matt Smith just yet :(

I cried when Matt regenerated. His speech was amazing. Loved the Amy Pond tribute but the episode on whole that showed such promise in the previews fell flat for me. It was confusing in places as well. Clara’s character was just filler. I thought Matt deserved better and wish that Neil Gaiman had written the episode instead of Moffat. So much more could have been done…it is what it though.

Matt will never be forgotten. "We're all stories, in the end. A daft old man, who stole a magic box &ran away. The times we had eh? Would've had. Never had. I hate endings…

Bow Ties are cool. Geronimo. Fez. Raggedy Man. Come along Pond. Goodbye Sweetie...we will never forget you

Goodbye Matty....I will miss you terribly!

Tags: doctor_who
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