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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Weekend extravaganza

I have no idea where to start with this…I loved it. Absolutely loved it. Space channel was showing all Doctor Who all weekend long from the BBC docudrama An Adventure in Time and Space to Doctor Who Revisited to lead in to the episode and after episode discussions. When Matt appeared on screen with William Hartnell (David Bradley)at the end of docudrama I just lost it. I think it hit home that Matt is leaving at Christmas…I don’t think I’m going to be able to handle it when 11 regenerates.

As for the Anniversary special itself…I laughed, I cried, I squee’d. It was perfect for the most part even if somewhat predictable. Seeing David and Matt on screen together was phenomenal. I really liked John Hurt as the 8.5 Doctor. The only issue I had was that Billy Piper wasn’t playing Rose she but the interface (so predictable). I thought they could have had several of the newer companions fulfill that roll by having the interface change between them…loved the various doctor’s showing up in video cameos (especially Paul McGann). Didn’t like a couple of things…first Moffat obviously missed going to British Monarch history class…..really with Queen Elizabeth? Second was Captain Jack was MIA. There were so many places that he or River Song could have popped up for example when Clara had the time vortex manipulator. There were so many moments that could have been homages to the other doctors…for example when 8.5 was regenerating into 9 he should have said fantastic! At least they made a joke about the ears and you could see Chris Eccelston’s eyes in the shot. And Matt and David on screen together was tear worthy…they were so brilliant together I didn’t want it to end.

To top it all off on Monday night lady__croft and I went to see the entire episode again in 3D at the theatre…the Sontarans came on at the beginning to give the spiel about pirating etc and it was very funny but then Matt came on as 11 doing his best to be the absent minded Doctor saying it was the 100th Anniversary and it was going to be in 12D. That just set everyone into fits of laughter. When someone came out to tell Matt it was 50th and 3D and Matt’s innocent incredulous at 3D and asking if there were budget cuts sent the audience into fits of “awww” then laughter. And to top it off he has to say that even in 3D you could see David’s or 10s wrinkles thus more laughter and squeals ensued. It was just so funny and I hope they put it on the DVD even if the DVD isn’t in 3D.

I’d pay to see it again on screen...this lead the conversation after the movie towards what other TV shows (Game of Thrones came to mind) would now be going to movie screen.

EDIT: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode earned 10.2 M at the box office…so let the doors to other series open please…I’ll go for my favs!!!

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