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Bowie Exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Love the Bowie exhibit at the AGO…very interactive (god bless technology) . The only issue was I went Friday night. Not nearly enough time to see the whole thing. Went through the last 3 rooms at record pace. Most annoying was that I didn’t get to see the mini film/lecture on Bowie’s Labyrinth movie. It was just as it was coming on that the AGO staff announced that we had 15 mins left. I barely got a glimpse of the posters and props from the movie (not that they had much but still….love it). It’s one of my fav movies and who doesn’t love Jim Henson Muppets?

Bowie is a creative genius but you know that. Most fascinating was his creation of computer software (late 80s or 90s??) ahead of his time that allowed prose or words to be entered then mixed up in different columns to create potential song lyrics…brilliant. The costumes and shows concepts were just fascinating esp in the early days of glam rock (60-70s). The show didn’t have much from the 80s era which I remember best and was so fantastic esp. the Glass Spider tour which is still today one of the best concerts you could watch….I set all concerts by his stage show for that one. …too bad he didn’t provide more items from the 80s. Was it worth the $30 asking price….yes and no. I’ll never see this anywhere else but still it was steep esp. if you’re going to close the gallery early. I did end up buying a t-shirt at 50% off. …and a guitar pick and button.

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