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Heather Dale Concert w/ special guest S. J. Tucker

The concert was amazing as usual. Heather never fails to deliver a spectacular performance. Love her storytelling in voice and song. Brilliant! This time round she brought a special guest whom I’d never heard of….S. J. Tucker (s00j). She rocked all kinds of ways! Their voices complimented each other in the best kind of way. During the break I went to the CD table to score Heather’s new CD and to see what S.J. had. She was there and kindly spent quite a bit of time telling me about some of the songs. I picked up Blessings and asked her about one song which caught my eye called Witches Rune. She actually sang a bit for me and the melody was so beautiful that I had to pick up the CD. In addition we talked social media and exchanged Twitter handles. That’s when I found out that she has a song about sirens which everyone knows I love. Will be checking out the song La Sirene!!! During the performance, she sang one song called Tam Lin caught my attention so I picked up the CD with that version on it called Mythcreants. It didn’t stop there, she also sang Ravens in the Library which is based on the wall writing at the University of Washington Library: Raven brings light to this house of stories – which is so beautiful imho. Then there’s Cheshire Kitten which is based loosely on Alice in Wonderland and reminds me of the craziness of my workplace! Therefore I had to pick up Mischief which contains both songs. And to top off the evening S.J during the encore sand Witches Rune and……dedicated it to me. So sweet and unexpected. I am so glad to have found new music.

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