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Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World

Loved the sequel as much as the first Thor movie! My emotions were pulled in so many directions with this movie from elation, sadness, shock to compassion and desire. Bifrost, my beloved rainbow bridge, has been repaired (literally squee’d out loud). I didn’t even recognize Chris Eccleston as Malikith two thumbs up for the make-up and costuming dept. The funeral ceremony was absolutely beautiful and I cried. The cinematographer seems to manage to put at least one scene that is breathtaking for me. In Thor it was Bifrost itself and now in Thor 2 the funeral scene. Chris H is perfect and the hair was 100% better styled than in the Avengers movie so kudos to the wig dept. Loki is just so dang cute but my heart just breaks for him. Great performances all around even Natalie Portman seemed to embrace her character and the chemistry between her and Chris H (the little that was there) worked much better than the first movie where it was non-existent. Not enough of The Warriors Three or which was disappointing and well Josh Dallas decided he rather be Prince Charming than Fandral and headed over to for Neverland lol. I wanted to hug Heimdall where he agreed to participate in Thor’s ‘plan’. Love his loyalty to Thor!!!

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