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TIFF aka meeting Hemsworth, Hiddleston, & Kitsch

The Toronto International Film Festival runs from Sept 5 – 15, 2013.

Took the week off with lady__croft to take in TIFF.  Loved it x100 - haven't been this stress free in years!

The only disappointment of the entire festival was tickets to The Only Lovers Left Alive with Tom Hiddleston were sold out before they went on sale to the public. You couldn’t sell your soul for a ticket if you tried. Actually a lot of the movies I wanted were sold out. Still did get to see McCannick with Mike Vogel , a midnight madness showing of Occulus with Karen Gillan, RUSH with Chris Hemsworth and Las Brujas de Zugarramurd aka Witching & Bitching (Spanish w/English subtitles). All were fabulous!

I met Hiddles twice during the festival. He is much more handsome in person to be honest and so very kind. Saw RUSH solo while while lady__croft was at James McAvoy’s movie. Everyone I met that day couldn’t get Chris’ last name correct, calling him: Hemsway or a version thereof which annoyed me to no end esp when it was people who worked for TIFF. Met Chris as well….he is surreal to look at in person …..and generous with his time! My favourite strangely was meeting Taylor Kitsch who was here for the premier of the Grand Seduction. I had him sign my copy of A Princess of Mars paperback which I read when I was 12 - he seemed quite impressed by it….I’m guessing most people just shove photographs in his face to sign. To top it all off, I have a photograph of Brad Pit before he chopped his hair off \o/…..and yes the hair is oh so very pretty! Long hair on guys is always pretty

Don't make me go back to work WHAAAAAAA!

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