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TO Fan Expo

FAN EXPO - August 22-25 at the MTCC

This is the first time I’ve been to Fan Expo! lady__croft and I attended all four days and loved every minute of it.

It was great for a change to be in a place that fostered positivity. Met amazing people and the panels were fantastic. First day we walked the vendor floor for 9 hours looking and shopping. Fabulous merch from artist and vendors. Defiance and Lost Girl Panels but had to miss the Arrow one as it was same time as Nathan Fillion who was a great speaker. Stayed for Karl Urban who told hilarious stories about Star Trek and also Viggo Mortenson’s goat (huh I said goat). Some true and some made up that people believed. Orphan Black panel was fabulous and Tatiana Maslani sent a video message from London UK. Space Channel was especially great. They’re panels and autograph sessions etc were fabulously run in comparison to Showcase who fell short of their mark. Had to go and tell Space how great they were and in turn they gave LC and I some Bitten swag. Really great group of people. Also kept bumping into Jesse Rath from Defiance all over the place that it go to the point where we just waved and laughed as we passed. He was nice enough to stop for photos. Even the cast of OB were awesome for letting everyone photograph them. Next year I hope it’s even better in that nothing will cross over each other….I can hope right?

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