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Green Living Show 2013

Hung out at the Green Living show this weekend. Fantastic lectures going on. I missed the opening portion of filmmaker Rob Stewart (Sharkwater) talk: Revolution: Saving Life on Earth . Stewart also showed clips of his current film Revolution out i theaters April 12. The movie looks fantastic and his entire presentation was riveting and the others videos he showed had me in close to tears. Although most of what he spoke of I was already aware of, still you can't help but wonder what will become of humanity and our planet in the next 25 years if we continue on our current trend. It is bleak make no mistake but just maybe if enough people care things can and will turn around. Let us make change NOW.

Also attended holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy's talk: Top 10 Green Habits to Feel Fresher, Lighter & Lovely!. She's a dynamic speaker and I always enjoy you insights into green living. Also CEO of G Adventures Bruce Poon Tip spoke on he topic of The Future of Tourism . He was humorous but his onstage pacing was a bit much. There were chairs available to sit in . Also I don't know who put together his presentation video's but the actual text on it was too small to read from more than 3 rows back. Considering most of the people there were older I doubt they could read the tiny type if I couldn't at 5 rows back.They are doing good work in terms of development with the local communities in countries they travel too so that was great to hear considering my own job in development.

As for the rest of the show....the floor layout was chaotic and drove me up the wall. Sections bled into other sections and was confusing. I found the Live Clean booth but they were out of the new 'strengthening shampoo' so that was disappointing. Managed to pick up some of their other products at a cheaper prices than retail so that was a bonus. Most of the Yoga clothing was extremely over priced more so than the Yoga Conference vendors. Picked up some more products from Green Beaver in particular their sulfate and fluoride free toothpaste in Anise flavoure which has been strangely out of stock at our local health food store. Yummy and a bargain price compared to retail.

Came home to organic burgers for dinner and a night in with the Doctor!
Tags: conferences, conservation/environmentalism, exhibits
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