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Le Weekend

First to all those celebrating Passover....“Chag Kasher V’Same’ach”. People at work keep pronouncing Seder the way you say Satyr and I keep saying will Dionysus, Pan or Bacchus be there? The looks are clueless!

Went to The Passion of Dracula with lady__croft and amdisa. It was presented by the UofT Trinity College Dramatic Society. I'm not sure if the whole play was meant to be a comedy but it was hilariously good. I suspect that parts were supposed to be serious. The actors were one point I couldn't stop laughing because the character of the 'English Lord' fired a gun off stage but it sounded like it misfired which pretty much set the whole audience off as well. Still well done. My biggest grip about the play is the fact that TCDS's website isn't updated (it's still has 2010 info) and I think they want everyone to go to their Facbook page but not everyone wants or has FB so it pretty much alienates potential theatre audiences who don't use (or like) that particular social media network. TCDS loses revenue and theatre junkies miss out on good plays. Mostly TCDS's loses out though. There's no excuse not to update a website imho.

Yoga Conference
Checked out the show again this year and it was fun....didn't spend as much money as I've had in the past which is a good thing. Did buy a spine support from Yogawrap. (currently I'm using it at work and I do sit up straighter which is a good thing) and a yoga bolster block from Gaiam. I wanted a better one (softer too) from another company but it was more than double the price at $70 and not in the budget. Most disappointing was the lack of yoga clothes that I actually liked. Most were the standard style and way over priced. Where were all the 'funky cool' yoga wear designers this year? Maybe they'll be there next year. I did see a really cool 'tea cup' oracle set for tea reading. The cup and saucer was decorated with the zodiac on it and because it was for 'entertainment purposes' I highly doubt the cup and saucer were food grade china/porcelain (ie  you would be able to drink from it) but I wish I could have found a tea set that was similar that you could actually drink from! Oh well some day I'll find something like it....

and Merlin finale

I was ok with the finale except Gwaine's part. I cried. He died being tortured and thinking he failed his king, Arthur. That part is just wrong and so unfitting for Gwaine's character that I wanted to smack the writers upside their heads. It was painful and heartbreaking to watch/listen to. At least he died with Sir Percival there otherwise (starting to tear here...stupid writers *shakes fist*) no one would have known the truth of what happened. Morgana finally got her just reward and it was about time too! Liked the sending off of Arthur's body in the boat to Avalon. I loved the ending with Merlin on the modern highway (not sure why people in the UK were so up in arms about that part *shrugs). And hopefully Merlin still alive today means that the kingdom didn't go to hell in a hand cart with Gwen as Queen *phew*. Could the finale have been better sure...but it tied up the series just fine since they weren't sticking to the traditional story of King Arthur and his knights anyway. Thanks BBC for 5 wonderful years of tv with Merlin.
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