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Busy little bee all over TO

Sorry for the absentee posts.....been busy esp. with school. Things are going well there so I'm happy. There is so much up in the air for the next few months I don't know if I should get excited about the potential to be or to just be mellow about the possibilities.

So what have I been up many things.

1. Odyssey the Musical at UofT
Can I say how much I love the music from this musical? Srsly the girl who wrote and composed the Odyssey is just amazing. I lover her music....she has quite a few other songs. I can't wait until she puts out a CD which I am promised is coming (I hope so). I will do a separate post with links to her songs. She's from the UK but studying classics at the University of it would seem staging The Odyssey as a musical is a natural progression. It was a good interpretation. lady__croft thought that the part where Odysseus comes home to Penelope was glossed over and also didn't like the fact that in this production, the idea for the 'arrow task' comes from Telemachus not Penny but I'm not a classicist or Homer fanatic so I can't say that it bothered me all that much. Anyway I liked it. I do think the musical was done well on the whole. The transitions could have been shorter and less choppy between songs but the production was on a shoestring budget by Uni students so what they did was amazing when you think about it. As I said Khamsina did the music herself and due to scheduling conflicts and rehearsal time had to take on the role of Odysseus in addition to staging it. Kudos to her is all I can say.  Overall though they got in the sirens (my fav part - the costumes were so pretty), Calypso, Circe, Naussica, the suitors, Aeolus the Wind god (actor was totally hot...just sayin'), the Amazons etc. I'd love to see this production go to Broadway and have some $$ put into'd be amazing.

Here are some links to am Odyssey song sample medley and the song list (musical official website....scroll to the bottom). Links to Khamsina's music can also be found on Reverbnation and her youtube channel. Have fun listening....

2. Jack the Giant Slayer
This was such a cute movie. I liked the story and they legends very much. I thought Ewan McGregor's character Elmont was going to be campy and silly but he turned out to be a proper knight/guardian to the princess...the story is very much a fairy tale one and it had some really funny dialogue. I didn't even recognize the voice of Bill Nighy as General Fallon. So take the kids, take the kid in you and go watch a bedtime story come to life on the screen. You'll have a great time remembering what it's like to be a kid and having a story unfold before you.

3. Game of Thrones Exhibit at Design Exchange
Love the GOT exhibit. It has pictures, costumes, props, armour and crowns, weapons, an interactive arrow game, and of course you could take your photograph on the Iron Throne. The event was ticketed but the tickets were free. I like the Dothraki weapons and the dragon's eggs plus some dragon glass aka obsidian for those who know their crystals. (I fangirled at Jason Momoa's set shots not because he was Khal Drogo (meh) but because I miss Ronon Dex (SG-A) sooooo much.) Also really cool was the Valar Morghulis coin but sadly no Ser Loras razor to which both lady__croft and I were most upset. I like the fact that the Design Exchange let you take photographs and be fan geek at it unlike the Lightbox which were so strict on their exhibit last year where you couldn't take pictures and had to wear your coat (weird). They had the houses logos on the doors were fantastic....I want those doors. No Martel house logo...poor Finn Jones :( And I wish lady__croft told me about that maester's chain earlier as I would have take more close up pictures of each part....I should have worn my Khaleesi t-shirt but I forgot....there were people in costume there which was geeky but so cute!

4. Oz the Great & Powerful
I wasn't impressed with the movie...I kept waiting for it to get spectacular and it just an epic fail at being anything more than humdrum. I was expecting the 'wizard' to be charismatic....he wasn't. The spin on his story that he's an con type magician from the circus was believable but if you're going to do that get someone to play the part that is at least charming and beguiling esp. if you're going to make him have a shady past. One of the guy's at the office told me they wanted Robert Downy Jr. for the role and I said way too old for the time frame of the movie (he disagreed so meh) and to me that would have been an even bigger disaster. Nobody in my theatre heard the part where Michelle Williams as 'Annie" said she was going to marry John Gale. In the original movie Dorthy's last name was Gale thus we're expected to believe that that is her mother.  I didn't like Glinda's makeup. You could see where one colour ended and the next shimmer colour began. It drove me nuts actually. Blend people esp with HD. Theodora's CG'd green transition into the 'wicked witch' was ridiculous. Her face looked so round and disproportionate to her body = epic fail.  Her acting was fine for the most part but the illusion wasn't there for me. Loved Rachel W and her character - she was awesome. I loved the little china doll/girl aka actress Joey King (Ramona and Beezus)...she stole the screen time imho. As for the rest of it....wait until this one comes on TV.

5. Weekend shopping
Did some shopping and got a few items at the EC. Found some funky cool 'rock star' jean/pants in H&M where I NEVER shop....who knew.
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