Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Mama revew (and a little shopping too)

This afternoon I went to see the movie Mama produced by one of my fav directors Guillermo Del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth). Mama is about two little girls feral, lost, alone in the woods for 5 years are found 5 years later by their uncle. He takes them, provides them a home but unbeknownst to him they brought something back with them that thinks it's their mother and won't let them go!

I wasn't disappointed in this move. It had just the right amount of thrills, chills and creepiness. Usually horror isn't something I bother seeing since most aren't frightening and the plot holes are laughable along with the acting (and general overall stupidity) - think The Grudge, Paranormal Activity, zombies of any kind etc *rolls eyes*. Mama on the other hand was a good supernatural story - creepy & haunting. The ghost 'Mama' was particularly creepy and sinister, had me jump out of my chair a couple of times. The ending is not exactly predictable either which is another reason I liked it. Both the little girls who played Victoria and Lily were extraordinarily good as well as very disturbing to watch play feral children! Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Lucas/Jeffrey) was brilliant playing both brothers in the film but you wonder how the twins in the story could be so UNALIKE! Jessica Chastain's character Annabel wasn't a likeable character initially and by the end of the movie although she'd become a better person I still didn't feel overwhelming warm and fuzzy towards her maybe that's why when Lucas was absent for a good section of the movie I was annoyed. Not that that took away from the story because it focuses mostly on the two little girls and mama.There were also a couple of parts that weren't quite cohesive plot-wise which I suspect were a product of the editing and the explanation I'm looking for is probably somewhere on the 'cutting room floor'. These included the reason why the Jeffrey, the girls' father, did what he did at the beginning and what was Lucas was doing in the woods after he went looking for the location in the dream featuring his brother. Neither of these affected my enjoyment of the film in any way but still inquiring minds want to know. I thought it was as good at the Gothic ghost story Woman In I said not many 'horror stories' even rate with me. I give Mama 4/5 stars. If you like a good old fashioned creepy tale then see it.

The original Mama short w/ intro by Guillermo del Toro which is a must watch! Enjoy....short is in Spanish but has subtitles!

Mama Movement Test = srsly creepy. The actor in the test is Javier Boter from Spain.

After the movie lady__croft and I went shopping: Old Navy; Aeropostale; Le Chateau (which had the boots I've been scouring the city for but sadly only in the smallest size possible and they may not get a normal size in; Victoria Secret; HMV (purchased a Game Of Thrones blanket although I wanted a Tardis blanket which sadly they didn't have).
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