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Don't mess with my computer

I know it's nit picky BUT one of my biggest pet peeves is people who use your desk & computer when you're away and change things around on you. If you're going to use someone's workspace then #$%*& put it back the way you found it! Have some courtesy and respect for the person whose is allowing you to use their stuff. I don't mind anyone using my desk but I do mind if you f*ck it up while you're at it.

I've been off work for 2 weeks due to my surgeries and before that on Christmas holidays so I've been away for almost a month in reality. I'm only back half days until end of next week as I ease back into work and life after recovery.

Well a floater/temp girl has been using my computer and desk while I was away. Every day I've been discovering different things that were changed and I have to fix and it's annoying. I came back to find she'd totally screwed up my computer and it took all morning to fix so it'd work properly. When IT finally did a full diagnostic and got my PC repaired and I could log in.....I saw she'd change my entire desktop around including my colours, background (Doctor Who), and display to what she liked. It took me forever to reverse what she'd done esp the windows colours as IT (ya our IT is less than) had no clue how to fix it. Today I discovered when I went to listen to music as well as my beloved IF Poem read by Tom Hiddleston that she'd turned off/muted everything in the volume control. So I turned it back on...still nothing then I discovered she'd unplugged my speakers from the back of the PC (even tho' there is a volume on the speakers you can turn down). Which is redundant but that's not the kicker....I left my headphones plugged in so you wouldn't hear anything even if something came on the why the f*ck is she even touching this? I don't understand this chick at all. Go away now please.

WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? You are a temp and if you don't like the computer then that's just too frickin' bad imho. Don't touch b*tches.

Ok now that I got that off my chest.....back to regularly scheduled life....well sort of.
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