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50th Aniversary of James Bond

This afternoon I channeled my inner spy/Bond girl and went to the Tiff Bell Lightbox theatre to see the Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style Exhibit despite being released from hospital and surgery less than two weeks ago.

Love the exhibit. At the entrance there were all these screens playing the 007 opening song in order and we had fun trying to guess which belong to what movie. Exhibit highlights included life size replica of Shirley Eaton (Jill Masterson in Goldfinger) complete with round bed and Ben Whishaw’s “Q” ID and sunglasses (yes lady__croft and I squee'd) and the tarot cards from Live and Let Die (one of my faves). Spotted Duran Duran on the video monitor from a mile away (lmao) as they did the Bond theme from View to a Kill and had to watch that (they met Princess Diana) and the videos with Sean Connery in them <3. The costumes were interesting and loved the dress from Live and Let Die as well as the the belly dance/Arabian ones from Octopussy, From Russia w/ Love, and The Man w/ the Golden Gun. Most disturbing was the fact that for one of the many gun props they used a Hasselblad camera. I nearly fainted because the camera is priceless! Overall I'm glad I got to see it considering all things health related could have kept me away.

Yesterday we tried to see the Bond exhibit but it was pretty much sold out so we bought advanced tickets for today and so as not to waste a trip to the LIghtbox we went to see the X-Men Master: Gordon Smith, exhibition in the CIBC Canadian Film Gallery section which was free. Lots of cool props,costumes, special effects and makeup incl. videos of how it was done. I can't believe that Rebecca Romain as Mystique had initially endured 12 hours of putting on her 'blue" prosthetics until they refined it down to 6 hours. Fascinating! The contact lenses were amazing along with the Wolverine's blades and the art of the angelic script for Nightcrawler, Sabertooth's claws and even Toad's tone which was part CG'd and part 12 foot (or something outrageous as that) prosthetic.Worth the look especially since it's free!
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