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An Unexpected Journey

So lady__croft and I went to see the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I really liked it but the scenes were very similar to LOTR ones. I was expecting different type scenes considering it's a separate story. The long aerial shots of the group running in a long line, the underground scenes, and the group shots, Gandalf using his staff to project light (guess it's his signature move?) but you'd think after 60 years his magic has progressed, the moth whispering to call the eagles etc were all classic LOTR. I suppose Jackson wanted to keep some continuity but it looked just like it was part of the LOTR journey and not taking place 60 years earlier.  The 15 mins of opening scenes with elder Bilbo and Frodo could have been left out....we understood the story was taking place earlier. All the scene needed was a shot of elder Bilbo from the back writing the book and we would have instantly known where we were and what the premise was. I thought the opening scene would have suited the DVD extras better as an 'alternative opening'...but I digress I am not the director.

The movie didn't seem as long as it's 3 hours.

I love the song "Over the Misty Mountains" that Richard Armitage sang and I can't get it out of my head. Also loved the fact that they never actually showed the dragon leaving it to your imagination for now until obviously one of the other movies to come in the trilogy.

I've taking to calling characters Kili (Aidan Turner) and Fili (Dean O'Gorman) - the twins - they are adorkable! They along with Thorin (Armitage) are the 'pretty' dwarves.....although I don't think Tolkien meant for dwarves to be 'pretty' lol but hey I'm not complaining!

The brown wizard's (forgotten name) sled pulled by hares was awesome and they out ran wargs!

I still want to move to Rivendell....STAT! And yes all that gorgeous long elven hair ...I admit I hairgasamed yet again! I want Galadriel's white dress. The hint that there is something more between Galadriel and Gandalf was a sweet addition.

Just have to say Martin Freeman did a nice job as Bilbo (even though his mannerisms did not reflect those if Ian Holm who played him older ) still there were times I just kept seeing him in his other roles especially in Love Actually and The Nativity and was trying not to laugh (we don't get Sherlock on this side of the pond so I can't say if I'd be thinking of that role too).

The music throughout was amazing as usual....GO SEE IT!
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