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Caveat Emptor

Nothing bugs me more than stores ripping people off blatantly.

Last week I went into a 'vintage video' store (dvds & vids) just for the hell of it and to see what they had which was a pretty large selection but the prices were ridiculous especially since some of the items were available on or in HMV. Examples...this store was charging $119 for the complete series of The Munsters on DVD while HMV charges only $49 online or $59 in the stores. Wow is that a #$&^% markup! I did leave my name as I was looking for the Gidget films and couldn't find them anywhere and I did hear it was being discontinued......I did not check Amazon at the time as I assumed they wouldn't' carry them...(silly me). The store called me and left voice mail to say that they were getting a copy in this afternoon and would I want it held aside for me. I decided to check the internet before calling to see what the going price was for these films were. I found it on Amazon both US and CA. The price is $19.99 CAD. So I called the store back and asked the price and they said $45. O_O I wanted to tell them off but I just declined as I heard that the first film was pan and scan and cuts off the people in the film although originally it's is filmed in letterbox and told him so. He confirmed that that was true and he understood but tried to tell me that Columbia (original film distributors) has no plans to re-digitialize the Gidget films. That's what he says now but I bet you the reason they are discontinuing them is becasue they're doing just that....many old films are being done this way as there is a revival interest in them. So we'll see....I still plan to buy the one from Amazon and then when/if the films are put out in better quality I'll purchase them too.

Srsly can this store justify the markup? Where are they getting the products from? It's ridiculous....better to do some reasearch first before you buy from these places that say you can only get it here.....I don't doubt they have a few DVDs you can't get anywhere else and those would be worth the markup if you really want them but the others......well Caveat Emptor!!!
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