Niviene (niviene) wrote,

JCSS Rock Spectacular UK Arena Tour 2012

Went to Cineplex (yes the movie theatre lol) to watch a live broadcast from O2 arena in London of Jesus Christ Superstar UK Rock Spectacular. It was awesome. Had no idea until it started that it was a live broadcast and there was a intermission just as if we were actually in London attending the play. Loved it. Tim Minchin who played Judas out shone Ben Forester's Jesus. That sometimes happens. It did when Josh Young played Jesus at Stratford and went on to Broadway with it. It was a good production regardless but Jesus seemed out of touch with the story. He seemed angry throughout the performance but I am assuming the director told Ben to play Jesus that way....idk. Former Spice Girl Mel C was pretty good as Mary Magdalene and Alex Hanson was a very convincing Pontius Pilate and Giovanni Spano sang well in the role of Simon Zealotes and you couldn't help but love the Irish accent when Michael Pickering sang as Peter. The costumes were typical but absolutely loved the long hair, dredlocks and guyliners *sigh*

I love the Cineplex is bring these alternate types of broadcast/shows to the movie theatre which we wouldn't otherwise get to see because we don't live in the cities showing them. They are also doing this for Opera and Ballet performances....*squee*

Heard there's a Blu-ray of the performace which is a must have and thus am on a quest to find/purchase said DVD.
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