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Girls Night...

Tonight was Girls Night out.....eating, drinking. Went for Chili Chicken at my fav Chinese restaurant and both Es and Char who've never tried it before LOVED it and are excited about going back to the restaurant again. I think I should get some kind of recommendation/finders fee for sending Yueh Tung (lady__croft first introduced me to their deliciousness) so many repeat customers over all the years we've been going there! Both beer and kombucha (srsly) were on tap tonight as well. 

And I could say strippers were also involved but not in the way you think. We all watched Magic Mike LOL. Alex Pettyfer was pretty cute but his character arc went disappointingly nowhere. The movie just wasn't my cup of tea. I can see where it would appeal to some had some moments but overall it just fell flat. Major issues were lack of plot and character arcs and the "love interest' had only one expression the entire movie (give me The Doctor and River Song flirting any day please!) plus the filming was rather strange during the non club parts and I won't get into the dialogue problems. The dancing was pretty good but then again Channing Tatum rocked hip hop in Step Up and he was the one doing most of the dance sequences. The stripping was minimal with a lot of bum scenes and simulated positions if you know what I mean but I suppose that's what they were going for. At least I can say I saw it but ya wasn't impressed. I need more plot and characterization with action and romance thrown in to my moves thank you very much. I'm scared tho' cuz I heard there might be a MM sequel....not sure where that would lead but I don't want to think about it *shudders*

Everyone had a good time regardless whether they loved or disliked the movie. Every now and then you just need to hang out with girls talking, laughing, giggling and being well girly!

Next Friday night is Dani's baby shower (she wanted an actual stripper but that got nixed by the organizer and plus it's being held at a bar thank the gods). Another night of drinking and debachery...just kidding but it should be a great night out because where Dani is involved you just can't predict what will happen.
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