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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

This afternoon went with lady__croft to the matinee performace of The National Ballet of Canada's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

The costumes, the set, the choreography = out of this world. It's a ride down the rabbit hole you should't miss. Loved every minute of it and if it wasn't ending it's run tomorrow I'd go back just because it's one of the best ballet's I've seen since Dracula by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet many years ago. Lewis Carol himself would have been proud and thoroughly enchanted!

My favourite part was the catepillar/sultan and the dancers choreography was a combination of belly dance and ballet. I covet the costumes!!!!! So beautiful I wanted to cry.....literally.

To top it off got the BluRay of The Royal Ballet's performance of it. Now I can watch it any time. Must remember to see if they put Dracula out on DVD.

Inside the program was some info on other ballet performances and found out that Sunday Cineplex is showing diferent ballet's on the big screen as part of the Dance in Cinema Series. Tomorrow they are showing the Balshoi's Ballet production of The Pharoh's Daughter.....I want to go but it's 3 hours (one thing to go to a live performance but another to sit for that long in a theatre even with breaks) and I think it might be available on DVD so we'll see. Ancient Egypt + Ballet...what's not to love?!?!

Also if you missed this performance you can always catch it on the big screen at Cineplex on March 28 and April 21, 2013. Go see it if you love fantasy and ballet.
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